Who uses us

For the Householder, Prospective Purchaser, owner of Commercial Property,Councils, Project Managers, etc.

ATICS will carry out a thorough inspection of the timbers of the property together with those other factors (such as the state of rainwater goods, roofing, subfloor ventilation, etc) which have a direct bearing upon the maintenance of sound timbers within the structure. Our consultant will raise floorboards in all rooms sufficient to examine all joists, especially where these abut external walls or in his opinion require further examination for any other reason. Where this is found to be impracticable, for example where floor tiles are present, this fact will be detailed in the report with a further recommendation. Our consultant will look for evidence of the commonly occurring timber pests detailed below, report on the location and extent (if any), and recommend further action where it is considered necessary.

The causative factor(s) of decay will be described together with the remedial action which must be taken to prevent recurrence or continuation of attack.

This information will be submitted to the client in the form of a typewritten report, together with a quotation where applicable.

Our consultant will be carrying out an inspection to the best of his ability. It should be borne in mind by the client that some timbers which may be infested cannot properly be inspected, for example:

The area where plaster covers the underside of a staircase; where roof spars are felted or covered by plaster when forming the sloping ceiling of a loft room; the reverse sides of joinery timbers; where the presence of roof insulation inhibits full inspection; in a very shallow pitched roof and a flat roof; built-in wall plates showing no external evidence of damp or damage; etc.

Our report will detail these limitations in the scope of the inspection.

Estate Agents

For the Chartered Surveyor, Architect, Designer, Engineer and all professional clients

ATICS Ltd in addition to the above services can advise through independent consultants on any timber problem. For example, advice can be given to:

  • Architects on protection of timber by design
  • Engineers for structural use of timber
  • Project Managers on advising which of many submitted estimates for wood treatment is the highest quality, or the best value for money
  • Check the accuracy of submitted reports where these are in question
  • Act as arbitrator in disputes between clients and other parties
  • Supply expert opinions in court

For the Estate Agent

A fixed price quotation or a clean bill of health on a property will move a sale faster and give clients the satisfaction of a speedy, safe deal. This will be reflected in referral rates to the practice.