Treatment B

Treatment B. Wet Rot Treatment (WRT)

Our report will specify the action for removal of the cause. The cause must be rectified under a separate contract, perhaps by the client’s builder, together with:

  1. The removal of structurally unsound timbers
  2. If justifiable after a COSHH assessment, the treatment of the remainder by Surface Treatment with Fungicidal Fluid (STFF) or perhaps a preservative paste.
  3. The replacement of the removed timbers with sound copper-chrome-arsenic (CCA-) treated timber.

Only where justifiable under COSHH, can extra protection can be given by treatment with an insecticide to protect against future insect attack.

Our client’s attention is drawn to our Conditions of Contract, a copy of which is issued prior to contract. Our leaflet `A Description of Treatment Techniques’ provides particulars of the above general specifications.