The ATICS Conditions of Contract

  1. (a) Payment : Due 28 days
    (b) Discount: Survey fees are subject to a discount if settlement is received at the above address within the discount period, normally of 14 days.
    (c) There is a minimum charge equivalent to 1 hour’s work unless otherwise agreed
    (d) Payments: Are to be made to ATICS Ltd,  by bank transfer (BACS) or, if by post, addressed “C/of BDA, 2 Sheen Rd., Richmond, Surrey TW9 1AE” except where otherwise specified.
  2. Quotations are open to acceptance for 28 days from the above date, after which we reserve the right to modify or withdraw.
  3. We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract should any stage payments not be forthcoming at the time they are due.
  4. Where applicable for surveying or treatment works in buildings, It is the responsibility of the client to:
    (a) ensure that all electrical circuits and installations within the treatment area are safe and in good order before the commencement of any work, and
    (b) ensure that the electricity supply to any circuits within the treatment area are cut off and remain cut off during the course of this treatment.
  5. Where a survey or expert opinion is undertaken, the report remains the property of ATICS Ltd and may not be used, relied on or copied until paid for in full. It is an express contract term that no liability accrues to us from any reliance on a report that has not been paid for in full (including any ‘extras’ and associated costs, such as interest).
  6. The report will be for the sole use of the client ******* and their professional advisers. No responsibility whatsoever to any third or other parties will be accepted for the whole or any part of its contents.
  7. We reserve the discretionary option to charge interest at a daily rate equivalent to 3% per month on all overdue accounts.PLEASE NOTE these limitations on the scope and quality of any  survey :
  8. Unless a “full” survey as described in our General Information Leaflet No 1 (GIL 1) has been requested, and confirmation in writing received by us, any work done is limited as agreed in the brief and by these terms and conditions of contract freely entered into and provided to you prior to contract.
  9. The detailed inspection of the degradation of external joinery timbers subject to weathering and requiring maintenance is not within the normal scope of our inspection.
  10. We will not have inspected woodwork or other parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and we will, therefore, be unable to report that any such part of the property is free from defect.
  11. Where work is undertaken in woodland, we accept responsibility for any direct employees or subcontractors working for or under the aegis of ATICS Ltd.

Accordingly, the scope of our survey will be commensurate with the above conditions.