There are four types of damp.   Decide on which you think you need advice. (Ask your Chartered Surveyor?)

  1. Rising Damp – from the ground into the walls and plaster. Curing this involves injection of a diamond damp proof course and often, but not always, replastering.
  2. Penetrating Damp – from an external source through the walls to the inside of the house e.g. from a gutter leak, down-pipe, driving rain or through an “underground” cellar wall. May involve replastering or hanking.
  3. Internal Damp – e.g. pipe leaks, broken radiator, shower leak. Dependent on circumstances and duration you may only need a plumber, but you might have decay problems.
  4. Condensation – Curing this is normally a matter of lifestyle, but can involve the building. There is also the special case of:
  5. Flooding – arising from “2” or “3” above. This can cause massive problems in 12-36 months time. Specialist advice is needed – we can provide this.

We can advise on all of these.