The Services We Offer

Dry Rot mycelium in a suspended timber floor

We are independent surveyors, and we check buildings for:

ATICS offers a consultancy service to professionals and home owners who have identified a potential problem of fungal decay (wet and dry rots) or insect attack in building timbers. On the basis of particularly thorough and detailed surveys, the company’s consultants are able to make accurate diagnoses of the nature and cause of problems and to give specific advice on remedial treatment which almost always leads to substantial savings in overall treatment costs.

The importance of accurate diagnosis is demonstrated by research which shows that dry rot is misdiagnosed with surprising frequency, leading to unnecessary and expensive repairs; and both dry rot and woodworm are commonly treated with chemicals when the attack is no longer active. Difficulties such as these can be avoided by employing a specialist consultant.

In addition, ATICS’ adoption of a conservative approach in treatment specification can significantly reduce the amount and cost of treatment without any compromise in effectiveness and will avoid inappropriate removal of original timber and plaster.

As a specialist, the company’s consultant routinely prepares expert opinions for use in litigation.