Pro bono terms of contract

For pro bono work we do not charge [but may expect any out of pocket expenses to be reimbursed] on the basis that you agree to indemnify us for any possible loss you or your clients you represent might suffer as a result of any possible action or negligence of ours.


Basically, even though we give our advice, say on the telephone as a result of a casual enquiry, free of charge, we are still liable for that advice.  We cannot in law enter into a contract for you not to sue us so the contract is for you to indemnify us. This means you can still sue is but you pay all legal costs including any costs that you win against us. This makes it impracticable for most people to litigate. Blame our American cousins for this sad state of affairs!



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  1. Charlie Pontikis


    I recently purchased solid oak railway sleepers in order to make a dining table. I have noticed over the last few days wood shavings and a entrance hole on the side of one of the planks ~1.5cm diameter. I have used a vacuum cleaner to remove the saw dust but within the same day further shavings were found on the chair below. This is the only visible hole/cavity within the table. I am concerned that it is an infestation and would like to know if it is treatable or something you have come across before. If it is treatable what would the process be and how much would it cost. I am based in Enfield N9 postcode which is very local. I have attached some images from earlier on today.

    Kind regards,



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